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About Zande

In 2018, my husband and I brought two Basenjis into our lives. Suddenly, we were sucked into the awesome world of dog shows and sporting events to keep them busy and happy. As we began to do more, and travel a lot with our rowdy little pack, we found that the collars available just were not working for us, so I began to make my own, better versions. 

With a background in horses and leatherwork, Zande strives to make dog gear that is safe for dogs, extremely durable, and aids in training.  We take our time to make sure our gear is designed for the best possible fit and finish for our dogs, regardless of assembly time and cost of materials. We also believe that a collar and leash should be more than just an accessory or fashion statement. Our gear is designed with training in mind, giving handlers many advantages over regular collars and leads.

We take great pride in producing a product we can stand behind and we hope you enjoy our gear as much as we do!

Proudly made by hand in Medina, Ohio!


Want to know more about Zande Dog Gear? 

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