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Superior Design and Fit for Your Dog


The Zande Essential Martingale Collar gives handlers the security of limited slip (so your dog cannot slip out and get loose during walks) without choking too tightly. Our straight-slide design also makes it much harder for dogs to get in their mouths and chew versus a traditional looped martingale and provides a smooth, instant release of pressure to aid in training.


We use only the highest quality materials that are extremely durable and made for everyday use. Our unique collar design is super clean: no abrasive stitching or unprotected edges to rub your dog's neck and no clip to come undone, dig into skin when pulled or get tangled in hair. Simply slip the collar over your dog's head and go. Every collar is hand-made and all hardware finish is matched to each unique nylon pattern. You will never find another collar like a Zande!

For optimum performance be sure to read our Size and Fit Guide:

Soft, buckskin leather edge protector

Photo-quality American made soft polyester  webbing that resists fading


Limited slip, straight slide martingale with smooth release action– allows a loose, comfortable fit for your dog and only tightens when it needs to!

High-quality matching hardware in a unique variety of finishes: Available in nickel, gunmetal, brass, copper and iridescent (pictured)


Horse-grade hardware that is smooth, strong and     non-abrasive 

Super-clean design with no ugly stitching or tags visible on the outer shell and no clip to grind into your dog’s neck or tangle and pull hair

The Essential Classic Lead

The Zande Classic Lead takes ordinary and makes it elegant. Our Classic Lead features horse-grade hardware and no ugly, abrasive stitching. All our leads feature the same quality hardware as our collars and are matched to our collar designs.  (6' Length)


Square for attaching items such as doggie bags or our matching removable Zande fobs!

No ugly, abrasive stitching!     We use only smooth, horse-grade hardware for our handle and clip attachment for a super clean look

All leads feature the same hardware as their matching collar for a flawless look

The Essential Adjustable Training Lead

At Zande, we can never do anything ordinary. Our Essential Training Lead is designed for   

multi-purpose usability. The easy adjustment handle allows our lead to transition to a short or cross-body lead. It is excellent for training sessions where you want to give your dog some freedom without being completely loose and is perfect for hands-free exercising like obedience classes or jogs through the park. All our leads feature the same quality hardware as our collars for an elegant overall look. (6' Length, custom lengths available)


Easy, sliding adjustor allows you to turn your lead into a short lead or cross-body lead

Zande Fobs!

Our matching removable fobs are designed for attaching bigger items such as water bottles for park walks. Zande fobs easily snap on to the lead square attached to your Zande classic or adjustable lead!

Square for attaching items such as doggie bags or our matching removable Zande fobs!

Proven Quality

It's not just how a collar looks new that defines its quality, its how it looks after its used...


The collars below has been actually used daily for two years on our rowdy basenjis. They have been used on walks, in training sessions, run through fields, jumped in ponds, and have weathered mud, rain and snow. They have never failed and still look great!

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