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The Egyptian Coursing Collar

Like no other, Zande's innovative coursing collar surpasses all its competition

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Tomb fragment likely originating from Giza, dating from the middle or late 5th Dynasty - Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland.

With a master's in history, I have been fascinated with the role of animals in history. After a stint in college studying horses in Greek art and architecture, I found that the ancients not only knew a great deal about training, they also depicted training equipment that was accurate, highly developed and still in use today. It made me very curious about the equipment depicted by the ancients for dogs.


I spent years casually studying every image I could get of Egyptian dogs and handlers trying to figure out why they were using what they did. After much research and experimentation, I used my hard-sought knowledge to design a coursing collar unlike any other. Not only did it work, it was highly effective and my dogs immediately began to have better starts and run faster times. I also noticed a difference as a handler, walking away without bruises and damaged fingers. We want to share our innovative design with everyone and offer free trials at the events we attend.

The Zande Egyptian Coursing collar is not only durable, it is highly effective for both handler and dog. Each collar is custom made to fit your specific dog and comes with a choice of Zande exclusive primal pattern and leather finish, buckskin lining color, handle and lead color. 


Each collar comes with a matching super-soft nylon rope lead with top-grade locking, swivel carabiner guaranteed up to 2,697 lbs. 

The collar's heavy-duty nylon release loop can be replaced if needed without having to buy a whole new collar and comes in a variety of colors

The collar's outer leather shell features Zande's exclusive primal laser-engraved designs and is backed with matching nylon webbing for added strength

The collar's soft buckskin inner lining can be dyed in a variety of colors and provides superior comfort and protection for your dog's neck 

Large D rings allow the nylon handle loop to smoothly and quickly release

Leads ends are knotted, not stitched or mechanically secured so they cannot come undone and fail during use

A locking, swivel carabiner (with a big, easy to operate thumb screw) allows your excited dog to move around before racing without getting all twisted up

All our Egyptian coursing collars are fully custom:  You choose the leather pattern, nylon loop, lead color and hardware finish for your very own   one-of -a kind design!


Zande's Custom Egyptian Coursing Collars range from $95 to $110 dollars based on size and materials. 


All Egyptian Coursing collar designs, materials and color options are the same as our primal collection. Click here to see all our options!

Available Pre-Made Coursing Collars

Need a collar right away? We usually have some premade coursing collars available. Please feel free to contact us and we can send you sizes and pics of the ones we have in stock!


Check out some of the collars and designs we have made for our customers!


Click on the picture for design details

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