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                       The Primal Collection


Our luxurious leather collar collection featuring Zande's exclusive primal designs


The Kells Fire Dragon Design

with sharkskin leather finish, orange nylon and blue buckskin lining

Zande's premier line of dog collars, the Primal Collection features ancient designs from around the world that are laser-engraved into the outer leather then hand dyed and assembled. Now you can showcase your dog's heritage with a one-of-a-kind, historic design. Each primal collar is custom-made to order. You choose the pattern, leather dye, nylon color and backing material from our available samples.

New primal designs are constantly being developed and added, so soon every breed can celebrate their origins with a exquisitely unique Zande exclusive design!

Check out some examples of the Primal Collars we've made at the bottom of the page or click here!


The Anastazi Pyramid Design

with Medium Bordeaux leather finish, red nylon and black buckskin lining

The Zande Primal Collection is available by custom order. Customers choose their desired collar style, Zande exclusive pattern, leather dye color, backing material and hardware finish. Pre-made models are also available in limited quantities as time permits. All of our Primal collars are made with high-grade leather, durable horse-grade hardware, American-made nylon and are completely made by hand. They are not just collars, they are durable works of art. 


See our collar styles, exclusive designs and collar materials to choose from below


Price: $95 to $110 based on materials and size

Primal Collar Styles

Zande's Primal collection is designed to meet a variety of training needs. As such we feature three collar designs: The Martingale (our favorite!), the Classic Clip Collar and the Chain Martingale

The Primal Martingale Collar

Our favorite design- the limited slip, straight slide martingale features a smooth release action that allows a loose, comfortable fit for your dog and only tightens when it needs to, preventing them from slipping out of their collar and also aids in training.

Backing features super-soft buckskin or calfskin in a variety of colors give your dog an incredibly comfortable fit with no rough edges.

(antiqued calfskin pictured)

Nylon adjustor gives a 2" neck size adjustment

Your choice of hardware finish: nickel, gunmetal, copper, brass or iridescent

(brass pictured)

Your chosen Zande Primal Design is laser-engraved into the leather so it will not rub off or fade over time

American-made heavy-duty nylon that is soft and fade resistant in your choice of color.

Your choice of leather dye from a wide variety of colors (desert tan pictured)

Anastazi Triangle Step Design               with desert tan leather finish, orange nylon, antiqued calfskin lining and brass hardware

The Primal Classic Clip Collar

A great option for those who prefer a quick clip release rather than pulling the collar off over their dog's head. The Primal Classic Clip Collar features all the top-quality components of the primal martingale collar but includes a high-quality gunmetal aluminum clip instead of a straight-slide martingale.


All Primal clip collars feature a high-quality gunmetal finished aluminum clip. 

Anastazi Step Design                                     in natural leather finish, pink nylon, pink buckskin lining and iridescent hardware

Nylon adjustor gives a 2" neck size adjustment

The Primal Chain Martingale Collar

Specifically designed for training applications where the noise of the chain aids as an audio cue to your dog. The Primal Chain Martingale features all the top-quality components of the primal collection but features a black martingale chain with no built-in adjustment. Because there is no adjustment. sizing is very important, and we are happy to help you through the sizing process to ensure you get a perfect collar fit!

Japanese Tsuba Stylized Butterfly and Dragonfly Design                                        with fade leather dye, purple nylon, water-resistant silver-grey lining and gunmetal hardware

Made without an adjustor, the Primal Chain Martingale gives your dog  leather contact around their entire neck.

Zande Exclusive Designs

At Zande, we love unique. We wanted to celebrate dog origins with ancient designs from around the world. All of our Primal collection designs are based on actual historical artifacts. You won't find these designs anywhere else!

The Maasai Collection

Inspired by the traditional Maasai tribal shield designs from Kenya, Africa

Dye Samples


Young Warrior Design

Sun and Moon Design

Double Zebra Design

Single Zebra Design

Reverse Zebra Design

Lion Hunter Design

Young Warrior Design - Desert Tan Dye

Single Zebra Design - Fade Dye

Sun and Moon Design - Shark Skin Dye

Great Warrior Design - Desert Tan Dye

The Zande Tribe Collection

Inspired by historic bark fabric and shield designs of the Azande tribes of the Congo Region of Africa


Bark Fabric Design #1

Bark Fabric Design #2

Azande Woven Shield Design

Dye Samples

Bark Fabric Design #2 - Fade Dye

Azande Triangle Shield Design - Fade Dye

Azande XX Shield Design - Fade Dye

Azande Checker Shield Design - Medium Brown Dye

Azande Triangle  Shield Design

The Japanese Tsuba Collection

Inspired by ancient Japanese samurai sword hand guards (tsuba)


Plum and Cherry Blossom Design

Whirlpool  Design

Onin Monkey Toy Design

Onin Butterfly and Dragonfly Design

Onin Bamboo Moon Design

The Anastazi Collection

Inspired by pottery designs from the ancient Anastazi Tribes of the American Southwest

Anastazi Sawtooth Design

Anastazi Triangle Step Design

Anastazi Checkered Design

Anastazi  Banner Design

Anastazi Lightening Design

Anastazi Step Design

Anastazi Pyramid Design- Medium Brown/Bordeaux Dye

Anastazi Triangle Step Design- Desert Tan Dye

Dye Samples

The Medieval Collection

Inspired by design elements from The Book of Kells and Celtic stone carvings in Scotland

Kells Double Lion Head Design

Kells Shamrock Design

Kells Fire Breathing Dragon Design

Kells Lion Tongue Design

Kells Lioness Tongue Design

Celtic Seahorse Design

Newgrange Stone Design

Celtic Berry Design

Viking Coin Horses Design

Viking Coin Ships Design

Dye Samples

Kells Double Lionhead Design- Sharkskin Dye

Kells Fire-Breathing Dragon Design- Fade Dye

The Color Collection

This special collection of collars features color only giving them a clean, modern look.

To see additional designs of this collection check out the gallery at the bottom of the page or click the gallery button!

These collars typically cost $95.00


Available Solid Colors

The following collars feature matching leather, nylon and buckskin lining:

  • Blue (with blue or lime green nylon)

  • Green
  • Purple
  • Wine
  • Orange

Paint Splatter Color Collar

Also available in color splatter. Color is applied by hand with a leather specific paint that bends with the dog and holds up to wear exceptionally well. Each collar is a work of art and totally unique! The paint splatter design is available on a variety of leather backgrounds such as brown, black, blue, green or purple and is usually based on the splatter colors chosen.

Paint Splatter collars typically cost $100.00


Available Paint Splatter Colors

​Neon Colors

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Pink 
  • Purple
  • Light Orange
  • Dark Orange

Regular Colors

  • Turquoise
  • Teal
  • Light Blue

  • Custom color combinations available on request for an additional charge

Primal Collar Materials

Choose any of the following materials and colors for your Primal Collar!

Leather Dye Colors


(From Left to Right)

  • Fudge brown

  • Bordeaux

  • Medium Brown/Bordeaux

  • Acorn Brown

  • Medium Brown

  • Desert Tan -Heavy

  • Desert Tan -Light

Backing Materials/Colors


Buckskin provides the very softest-most comfortable collar lining for your dog. it wears extremely well and gets softer the more you use it. All of our buckskin is waterproofed to help it stay clean and guarantees that the color will not rub off on your dog!

Natural Buckskin Colors

(From Left to Right)

  • Milk Chocolate

  • Gold

  • Cream

  • Black

Antiqued Calfskin

This antiqued calfskin is soft, extremely durable and handles sweat and water better than buckskin. Its great for dogs that spend alot of time in nature or are rough with their equipment and it looks super-cool as well. Each piece is extremely unique and adds a great look to our Primal collars.

Dyed Buckskin Colors

(From Left to Right)

  • Green

  • Wine

  • Blue

  • Purple (not pictured yet!)


The nylon we use for our Primal collars is highly durable, fade resistant, American-made nylon that looks great and is safe for your dog. We do not have all the available colors in stock, so it may take a bit longer to make your collar if we need to order materials. When you place your order we can fill you in on what we have and how long it will take to fill your order!


Zande only uses the best available horse-grade hardware.  You can choose from any of the following finishes:







The Primal Collection Gallery

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