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Size Guide

X Small

9-11" neck       (5-12 Pound Dogs)

3/4" Width Recommended

Breeds: Chihuahua, Papillion, etc. 


11-15" neck       (10-25 Pounds)   

3/4-1" Width Recommended

Breeds: Dachshund, Pug, Jack Russell, etc. 


14-17" neck       (up to 55 Pounds)

1" Width Recommended

Breeds: Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie, etc.


16-21" neck       (up to 75 pounds)

1" Width Recommended

Breeds: Labrador, Bull Dog, Golden Retriever etc. 

Extra Large

22" or more       ( 80+ pounds)

custom order 

1" or 1  1/2" Width Recommended

Breeds: Mastiff, Cane Corso, Saint Bernard, etc. 


The Ideal Fit

Zande collars are designed to do several things. First, they are designed as a no-slip collar, meaning that when properly fitted, your dog cannot pull back on the leash and pop the collar off.


Secondly, the martingale design of our collar is meant to fit looser than a conventional collar to allow a more comfortable fit for your dog and only tighten when needed-not tight all the time.


Lastly, Zande collars are meant to be used in part as a training tool. When you walk your dog, and they are walking with you and not pulling, the collar is loose and comfortable. When they pull on the leash, it tightens consistently around the whole neck and becomes less comfortable, thus helping teach your dog not to pull!

Fitting Your Collar

A proper fit is crucial for the optimum performance of your Zande collar. To achieve the proper fit on your dog it is best to follow the steps below:


Step 1: Adjust your new collar so it fits easily over your dog's head without getting stuck. Try tightening the martingale by pulling on the d ring until it slides down to the stop. Ideally, where the slide stops should be tight enough to the dog's neck that the collar cannot slide back off their head but not so tight that it chokes the dog too much.

Step 2: Slowly adjust the collar until you reach the optimum fit. It may take several tries and adjustments to get to this point. 

Step 3: Test your fit. With the collar on your dog, pull on the D ring to tighten the martingale and while tight, try gently pulling it back off your dog's head. It should not be able to come off. Release the tightness until the slide is fully open and try taking the collar off. It should easily slide on and off the dog's head.

Special Note: We highly recommend not keeping a collar on your dog all the time. It is healthier and much safer to give your dog a collar break when it is not needed. 

Does your dog have a big head?

We aren't talking about his ego... Some breeds such as bull dogs have a head that is far bigger than their neck, making a slide-on collar difficult to fit properly. All of Zande's Essential Martingale collars are also available in a clip version if needed!


The Hound Fit


Many hounds have a really long neck. Zande collars come in both 3/4",  1",  and custom 1  1/2" widths (limited patterns available). We personally like the wider 1" width on our own hounds as it better distributes pressure against the neck. 


Please contact us if you cannot find a size or style in the width you are looking for, we may be able to help you with a custom fit collar!

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