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Since the dawn of man we have been fascinated with fire. This collar's flames could not look more primal and real. It is also a design that looks great on a wide range of pups. Available in both 3/4" and 1" width. Made with super-soft American-made webbing and copper hardware.


Available in both the 6' Adjustable Training Lead or the 6' Classic (non-adjustable) Lead versions in both 1" width or 3/4" width (3/4" features a tiny gunmetal finished clip for tiny pups!).


At Zande, we can never do anything ordinary. Our Essential Training Lead is designed for multi-purpose usability. The easy adjustment handle allows our lead to transition to a short or cross-body lead. It is excellent for training sessions where you want to give your dog some freedom without being completely loose and is perfect for hands-free exercising like obedience classes or jogs through the park. All our leads feature the same quality hardware as our collars for an elegant overall look. (6' Length, custom lengths available)


The Zande Classic Lead takes ordinary and makes it elegant. Our Classic Lead features horse-grade hardware and no ugly, abrasive stitching. All our leads feature the same quality hardware as our collars and are matched to our collar designs.  (6' Length)

Blaze Essential Adjustable Training Lead

  • Need a different length of lead? No problem, we do custom! Contact us directly to order custom leads.

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